Shawn Yarborough

Muay Thai Coach

Shawn started his training at LINXX in 1997 and shortly afterward he began to compete.Due to his unique physical attributes and courage; coupled by his high level of dedication and discipline, Shawn quickly became a nationally recognized full-contact fighter.
After accumulating an impressive amateur record, Shawn was elevated to the professional ranks.Living and fighting out of Las Vegas, Shawn dominated his weight class winning various national and international titles.After three years of active competition and over 40 fights, Shawn recently concluded his professional career to help manage his family's growing construction business

Despite his talent and international recognition, Shawn remains a humble, loyal, and dedicated student of the arts.Shawn's goal is to continue his studying the arts, teach the art of Muay Thai, and help future fighters achieve their goals.
 Shawn Yarborough has been trainer to:
Dan Hardy, Frank Mir, Forrest Griffin, Brandon Vera, Uriah Faber, Gilbert Yvel, Joseph Benavidiz, Vitor Belfort, and many more.